We have broad industry knowledge and extensive network of candidates. Work with us and fill your vacancies with the most qualified and competent candidates.

Recruitment and selection process

Do you need to fill demanding positions? We specialise in hiring permanent employees, our consultants meet with HR and management to assess your recruiting requirements. We´ll work with you to understand your corporate strategy, objectives and workplace enviroment to idenifies the key skills, knowledge and behavior required for each position within your organisation.

Contract staffing

As your technology staffing solutions partner, we can help you better plan your staffing requirements, recruit hard‐to‐find IT talent, shorten learning curves for new technologies and reduce payroll and benefits costs.

Recruitment process outsourcing

As an HR or Procurement leader in today’s business environment, you are being asked for ideas on how to more strategically manage the talent in your organization. Work with us and transfers all or part of your recruitment process to us, we can serve you as your external HR department.