About us

We are experts on staffing solutions within IT industry founded in 2017. All together we have over 25 years of experience and we operate in CEE region. With stable growth of revenue, we currently employ more than 15 employees.

With the increasing demand from our clients we started providing trainings within the area of candidate attraction, how to stay competitive on IT labor market, how to run an efficient interview process, etc. We are trusted advisor/consultants on optimalisation of internal processes for clients internal HR departments since 2020.

We offer...

We offer many interesting open positions across the vast range of different industries. Our clients are successful international companies playing the top league within their respective fields.


Our visionis to become strong and respected company with our identitybased on firm values, being able to bring solid, innovative solutions in HR within the CEE region. Through our creativity and attitude towards perfection, we want to contribute in establishing more competitive and fertile environment for new talents to grow.

Our culture code

Our culture describes what we care about, the things in which we’re willing to invest and the rules that define us as a team. Through valuing each one of our clients, we commit ourselves to provide the best service possible, of appropriate quality and range.


Inclusion and diversity

We are creating a working culture and environment that recognizes, appreciates, and effectively utilizes the talents, skills, and perspectives of every employee; regardless of their age, ethnicity, religion, and worldview. We believe that a diverse workforce brings diverse viewpoints and perspectives to the company.


Integrity is the foundation for everything we do. We are well known for our commitment to honesty, trust, and transparency to all employees, clients, and business partners. We do the right thing — even when no one is watching. We've created a positive and inclusive culture that fosters open, honest, and meaningful relationships.


We understand that a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and skills improve work teams and businesses. We believe that the best places to work will be environments where learning and growth are encouraged and where employees should feel heard and respected.