Internship opportunities within Jobteq Solutions

Our goal is to give an opportunity to international students to gain relevant experiences for their future careers. They gain knowledge and skills which will be helpful in job hunting for different positions or help them to get a job with us.

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Kristian Križanovič

Companies want to hire young people with relevant experiences and skills for the job, but they don't want to give them the first chance to gain it. Here at Jobteq Solutions we want to maximize career potential for motivated and talented students to prepare them for their future jobs. Our internship programme helps them to realize what they want to do in the future and provide them with opportunities to try it and gain the knowledge and skills for it.

What we offer:

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They said about us


“Being one of the first interns is like there are more areas to explore, learn about, and work on, which is extremely interesting. A positive working environment where you may freely share your ideas and opinions while collaborating with experts.”

-Maryam Rezapoor Nikroo
Digital marketing specialist


“During my internship I gained knowledge about the IT industry, graphic design and SoMe. This internship helped me to realize what direction I want to go in my future. My opinion was always heard and I really liked the possibility of working remotely.”

-Simona Bakajsová
Social media content creator