Due to the increasing demand for our training activities, in 2022 we decided to set up a non-profit organization, Jobteq Academy, through which we aim to create a lifelong learning strategy based on an inclusive approach, without any vision of profit, so that our activities are accessible to as diverse a range of participants as possible.

How it all started

In April 2020, we decided to expand our operations into the field of education. The primary reason was the demand from existing clients for additional services, in particular consulting and training for HR staff.

During our 2 years of experience in training, we have mainly focused on training in areas such as retraining for the IT segment, financial literacy, time management, negotiation skills, and sales techniques. We have also provided training for


Our goal is to become the market leader for the Central European training market by 2025, offering high-quality, modern, and attractive training that will contribute to the professional development of participants.


Our core values are inclusion and equality - our team is currently made up of employees of four nationalities, more than half of whom are women.