Our lecturers


Sylvia Tanzerová

Certified business and life coach who focuses mainly on helping clients - regain their confidence and achieve their goals. She works with people from diverse backgrounds, young people who didn't grow up in their own families, but also with anyone who is working on their future - on themselves.


Nataša Mendelová

Business and life coach, education, and quality manager. Experienced professional with expertise in learning and development, quality, and coaching.


Ingrid Schostoková Krupičková

Business and life coach, experienced in working for corporate/small and medium- sized businesses and non-profit organizations. Designing workshops and training for teams and groups. Promotes an inclusive approach.


Barbora Gešková

Certified coach and trainer who focuses on working with young people and women. Through her activities, she helps people to increase their opportunities in the labour market and with their level of satisfaction and quality of life.